Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Drawing Helps Friend with Cancer

I was so touched when Marie Dixon, one of my students from my 2013 Drawing as MeditationSharpening the Eye to See class at Ghost Ranch, shared this story with me:
As I followed along each day during the “ Drawing as Meditation,” I conscientiously took notes and posted samples of my work in my journal. I wanted the notes and artwork to remind me of the special instruction and mood created by the daily exercises designed by Elizabeth Buckley. I had my favorites like the tearing paper landscapes, the movement and drawing day, and making my marks to show my mood. I thought to myself, I wanted to remember each day and someday share with others.

Coming back to Sacramento, I had a neighbor who was very sick with cancer and her daughter had asked her to draw her feelings. She was intimidated by the process so I brought the art supplies over and my journal from the class and took a few hours to explain to her that drawing and painting can be very meditative and she had nothing to fear. Each of the exercises could be easily done by someone who had never drawn or painted.

The drawing as meditation transported my friend from the weight of her illness, allowing her to get in touch with her feelings in a way that was freeing rather than frightening. My neighbor was successful and very grateful and has continued to use my journal. This was a very peaceful approach to art where everyone is successful in their own way. I was grateful to Elizabeth and wanted to share this story.       

Mixed Media Drawing by Marie Dixon  ©2013