Friday, December 30, 2011


Explorations of Light and Dark

The Light and the Dark are universal metaphors for the Life Force that moves within and all around us. Through use of cut and torn paper, collage, india inks, we will explore the value scale from light to dark. Learn about contrast and gradations, as well as how to create depth in space on a two-dimensional surface.

Drawing as Meditation:  Sharpening the Eye to See

Drawing is a practice in observation and focus; a way of fine-tuning the eye to see.  From the horizon line to a blade of grass, we will examine the shapes and textures around us.  We will begin in the classroom with warm-ups exploring line-quality and drawing with the eraser, then move outdoors to interpret what we see through the pencil in our hands.  Remember there is no such thing as an awful line!  This can be a beginning point for keeping a sketch journal, combining drawings with words.

Depicting the Landscape

The landscape, ecosystem, and environment in which we live shapes and defines us.  We will examine different approaches to depicting the foreground, middle ground, and background components that go into landscapes.  Explore the process of choosing the focal point:  what is most important to include, what details to leave out.  We will work in a variety of media:  graphite pencil, cut and torn paper, india ink, colored pencil.

Images of the Inner Journey

Often our internal response to being alive can be more clearly expressed in the non-verbal language of image.  We will explore ways that shape, line, light and shadow, color, texture, and rhythm can describe interior moments of being.  We will work in a variety of media:  collage, colored pencils, watercolor paints, india inks, cut and torn paper.